'Justice For Romanian Dogs'

                                        *Wetnose Animal Aid & Norton Animal Rescue Foundation*

      Celebrity Mercy mission for Romanian stray dogs

Hi, I’m Paul O’Grady,
“A lot of people are aware how much I adore animals, of all sorts, but dogs do have a special place in my heart. My attention has been drawn to the terrible plight of the Dogs in Romania, and that the Wetnose Animal Aid team led by CEO and joint founder Gavin Gamby-Boulger along with K9 Angels & Norton Animal Rescue are going to Romania in March 2014.

They intend to make a documentary about the sickening atrocities that are going on out there to eradicate by any means possible the street dogs, or any dog found in a public place. Additionally, Wetnose hope that this will enable the public to see how they can support the rescuers that are doing amazing work under the most barbaric and dangerous conditions.

Apart from flouting totally the relevant EU laws, this practice is cruel, counterproductive and short sighted. Many videos are featured on You Tube showing the horrendous conditions, but what you do not hear, are the shrieking screams of these poor dogs in their suffering.
I support Wetnose Animal Aid in their endeavours in carrying out this vital work, please help them by donating or supporting them in whatever way that you can”.

Thank you so much
Paul O’Grady
       Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger meet Amanda Holden. Please support the
Appeal. Visit the website by clicking the link below..Thank you.
                       Special thanks to Amanda Holden for her support!


*Wetnose Animal Aid* and *Norton Animal Rescue Foundation* are planning a new mission...To attempt to alleviate & highlight the terrible situation in Romania. I am sure that by now, you are already aware of the situation regarding the culling of stray and unregistered animals. This is truly an animal holocaust!
The culling of thousands of shelter animals, street dogs, and unregistered pets, has been given the go-ahead by the Romanian Government.

Gary Edwards (Norton Animal Rescue), and Andrea & Gavin Gamby-Boulger (Wetnose), including the original 'A'-Team (Animal Team) from the recent Bulgarian 'Justice for Borko' mission, are gathering once more, and this time we have other celebrities joining us!

The wonderful Sam Fox is a passionate animal lover & many people will know Sam from her early days, through to her pop chart successes, and her various TV appearances, but she has for many years campaigned on behalf of animals, and is Patron of 'Scratching Post' Cat Rescue, and also works against the trade in Tiger poaching, primarily in Asia.

Joining Sam is Saffron Sprackling, vocalist from the band Republica. Throughout the decades, Republica have produced many great songs, such as 'Ready to Go', 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', and the current single called 'Christiana Obey
'. These wonderful celebrities have joined our campaign, to use their celebrity voices for the Romanian strays, and will be joining us early next year in Romania.

Needing no introduction, the highly regarded actor, Peter Egan will also be joining our team, work commitments allowing. Peter and Myra have for many years actively engaged in all manner of animal related issues, and Peter has travelled the World, raising awareness, and highlighting various campaigns and charities. He is UK Embassador for 'Animals Asia', founded by Jill Robinson MBE. Peter is a highly regarded actor of both stage and screen, and has also directed various theatre works. His work in relation to animal welfare is truly inspiring, and one of Jill Robinsons rescue bears is called 'Peter Bear' after his namesake.

From the Bulgarian mission, the lovely Lorraine Chase will once again be part of the team. Lorraine supports many animal related causes, and gives much of her time in aid of animals. During our Bulgarian campaign, Lorraine became Patron of K9-Rescue, and her passion for animals shines through, by her dedication to such causes...
Our dear friend Wendy Turner Webster, who also joined our Bulgarian campaign, is sadly unable to join us for this Romanian mission. However, Wendy continues to be a voice for all animals, and her lifestyle serves as a true statement in relation to animal welfare.
I thank her from my heart & wish her success in all her future work...

Of course that great cameraman himself, Peter Fison is once again joining our cause, to film the entire mission. Peter is Director of SWLTV (South West London TV), and his work involves many aspects, and both his enthusiam and experience is invaluable, and greatly appreciated...

Also joining us are the lovely girls from K-9 Angels..
Anneka Svenska (
actress turned Natural History Presenter and feature writer),
Victoria Eisermann (
model, entrepreneur, animal rights activist)
Pola Pospieszalska (singer-songwriter).....Welcome aboard girls!!!

We are flying off to Romania, to make a documentary on the plight of these animals, and the good people who are desperately trying to save them. This situation has been brewing for some years, and due to indiscriminate breeding & the lack of spay & neutering procedures, the stray population has been a problem for many years..There is no such thing as humane euthanasia in Romania. The dogs are killed by any means available. So now the massacre begins, as dogs are mown down by vehicles, stabbed, stoned to death, poisoned or shot etc..

Finances allowing, we are also hoping to hold a Rock Concert on the final day, with proceeds going to those shelters and people striving to save these animals. Details available soon..."Rock4Romanian Dogs"

Updates on our mission, and updates on the current situation within Romania, will be posted on this website, as things progress...

We are very pleased to announce that Sara Turetta, Founder of 'Save The Dogs And Other Animals' is joining us on this mercy mission. Sara and her team have many years experience, particulary within Romania, and we consider her involvement a blessing...

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Filming from the recent Bulgarian mercy mission...
'Borko' the stray dog was attacked and beaten as a puppy, snapping his spine..Watch the film & see Lorraine Chase & Wendy Turner Webster highlight the plight of stray animals...


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